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Landxcape Chainsaw Parts

When you are buying Landxcape chainsaw parts, it is important to make sure you are getting the correct size by checking the dimensions on the Landxcape chainsaw spares page.

Bar, pitch and drive link sizes for Landxcape chainsaw chains

The standard pitch size for chainsaw chains is 3/8 inch, which is true of the Landxcape chains. The pitch is the length measurement between the drive links, while the chain length is the result of the number of links. The number can vary, even with similar bar sizes, so check that the number of drive links is correct for the chain you are replacing.

The product references are helpful in this respect, as the number after the 'CH' refers to the number of links in the chain. For example. The Landxcape CH053 chainsaw chain to fit 35cm (14 inch) bar has 53 drive links. In this case, the chain is for the PCS8479 or GCS350N.

Landxcape chainsaw parts - safety

It is important to get the right chain and drive link combination, as this affects the efficiency, handling qualities and safety of the chainsaw. Be sure to use the right chainsaw both for your height and weight and for the tasks you carry out most often. When fitting Landxcape chainsaw chains or other Landxcape chainsaw spares, follow Landxcape's instructions carefully.

Before starting work, assess the job for any unusual risks and try to think of the safest way to approach it. If you are cutting wood, look out for any metal - such as nails, screws or fixings - that could deflect the chainsaw. It is always advisable to use the chainsaw with both hands,

Make sure that no one is standing underneath the working area - if the chainsaw is dropped for any reason, it could injure someone standing underneath. If you are working on an area that overhangs a public path, cordon off this part of the path to ensure that no one can walk underneath while the chainsaw is in use.

To help protect you from injury, we have a range of safety gear that is specially designed for chainsaw users. Long-term chainsaw use can affect your hearing, so we have an integrated set that features ear defenders, a safety helmet and a full-face visor. Gloves are extremely important in maintaining a good grip, with our chainsaw gloves featuring a reinforced left-hand glove that will mitigate the impact if the chainsaw slips. We also have chainsaw chaps that are completely adjustable - take a look at our safety section for more information.


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