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Lock Nut Spanners

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Lock Nut Spanners

Simply Bearings is your one-stop-shop for new and replacement components for a wide array of industrial and domestic applications. Our ultra-modern 20,000 sq ft warehouse in the heart of Lancashire is brimming with our extensive range of goods, including an extensive range of lock nut spanners. Made by Swedish manufacturers SKF, a brand synonymous with quality and accurate workmanship, we are confident that you'll be able to find in our stock the exact type and size of spanner that you require.

Lock nut spanners are designed for tightening lock nuts, when mounting spherical or tapered bearings on withdrawal or adaptor sleeves. Careful use of a lock nut spanner minimises the risk of over-tightening, which can produce a reduction in bearing radial clearance, leading to bearing damage.

The HN series of hook type lock nut spanner are specially designed to enable application of the correct tightening torque when tightening or loosening tapered bore bearings. Under or over-tightening can cause damage that can severely reduce the service life of the bearing. Use of correct tools is also important to ensure operator safety. The HN series is commonly used with lock nuts in gearboxes, crushing and asphalt machinery, agricultural and mining plant and across heavy industry.

The SNL series of hook type lock nut spanner are intended for use with SKF FSNL and SNL bearing housing, facilitating quick and easy dismounting and mounting of tapered bore bearings. They are versatile, however, and can be used with a range of lock nuts in shafts and housing applications. The SNL series are designed to provide a large contact area around the lock nut, giving excellent grip and a high degree of movement. They also feature convenient holes in the handle for easy storage and retrieval.

We also carry a range of impact spanners from SKF. The TMFN series is specially engineered to allow for loosening and tightening of lock nuts, securing larger bearings mounted directly onto the shaft. Correct use of these impact spanners with a hammer helps avoid damage to the lock nut and the shaft, as impact is applied evenly and effectively to the nut.

To help you narrow down your selection, try using the drop-down menus at the top of the page where you can select by brand, size, type and more. Our comprehensive range of SKF lock nut spanners ensures a choice in sizes from KM0 to KM22. To make sure you choose the right sized hook-type lock nut spanner, always make sure to click 'Technical Info' when viewing a particular product for a thorough read-out of all relevant information.


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