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MTD Strimmer Parts

The MTD brand is named after the Modern Tool and Die Company. It was set up in the United States in 1932 by three German immigrants and grew on the back of the burgeoning automobile industry - a market they continued to serve until the late 1990s. Their familiarity with car manufacturing is still reflected in some of their latest power-steered mowers.

The first steps into garden equipment were taken in 1954 with the production of wheelbarrows. The first petrol-driven walk-behind rotary mower was launched in 1958, and throughout the 60s and 70s they acquired companies with the expertise to launch a complete range of gardening machinery, including the Industrial Plastics Company, Sehrs Engineering of Canada and Yardman, whose name they still use.

The brands Cub Cadet, White Outdoor, Troy-Bilt, Bolens, Remington and Wolf-Garten were added in the eighties and nineties. They also use Mastercraft, Lawn Chief and Task Force amongst others.

Although they now have a manufacturing plant in China, MTD strimmer parts are still made in a variety of European and American factories.

MTD Strimmer Parts

Here at Simply Bearings we can find any replacement part you need for strimmers and mowers, from full motors down to the nuts and bolts. If you don't see what you need, just call.

However, the parts you will need most frequently are MTD strimmer cutting lines, MTD strimmer spools and complete replacement MTD strimmer spool head assemblies. These are the parts that any strimmer wears down in use or which get lost or damaged in action.

MTD Strimmer Cutting Lines

MTD strimmer cutting lines can vary in thickness from 1.5mm to 2.5mm depending on the model, and in length from about 2m to 7m. Some MTD strimmer spools are designed to carry two lines and some only one. Although most gardeners choose to buy drop-in replacement spools, pre-wound with new line, it is possible to reload your expended cassette with new cutting line if you want to. Be aware that it is a fiddly operation and that MTD strimmer spool head assemblies contain springs and small bolts that can easily get lost. (We can supply replacement springs, bolts, caps and other MTD strimmer parts if they do.)

It takes only a few seconds to drop in a replacement spool, but always power down any strimmer safely before turning it over for access. Remember that strimmers are potentially dangerous pieces of equipment. Like other manufacturers, MTD recommend that you wear safety goggles, gloves and leggings while using them. We have all the safety wear you will need in other sections of our catalogue.


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