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Macallister Strimmer Parts

Every year, the longer days give us a great opportunity to get on top of the garden and get it looking its best. In early summer, there's often a strong growth of weeds, bracken and grass, caused by spring rain and the sunnier longer days - all ideal conditions for every kind of plant to put on a growth spurt.

A strimmer can make short work of this early growth and keep patches that have become overgrown under control for the rest of the season. It's a tool that is still basically the same as it was when it was invented by a Texan who stuck fishing line on to an edging tool and discovered it would cut weeds.

And by using the strimmer at an angle, sloping edges, borders and the areas around trees and garden furniture can be kept tidy.

Strimming Safely

Macalister strimmer parts will assist with the job, but consider getting some safety gear such as a visor or goggles. These can protect your face and eyes when you are strimming rough ground with brambles, shrub stalks, twigs or nettles. These can easily be thrown up by the strimmer and hit your face or eyes. We stock safety gear, so it may be a good idea to have a look and add any useful items of safety equipment to your order.

Macalister Strimmer Parts

We have a great range of parts, including Macalister strimmer cutting lines, Macalister strimmer spools and Macalister strimmer blades.

Macalister Strimmer Cutting Lines and Spools

  • MC150 cutting lines come in a single pack and are 1.5mm thick by 2.5m in length. These are suitable for the MGTP 18Li cordless trimmer.
  • PP182 is a pack of two 1.5mm thick lines, 4m long. These are suitable for the FPGT18.
  • PP258 is two 1.5mm thick lines, 3m long. These are suitable for the MGT300 up to 2013 and the MGTP300. Note, however, that the 2014 MGT300 strimmers use ALM BQ026 blades.
  • The PP300 is one of the longest Macalister strimmer cutting lines at 7m. It's also 1.5mm thick and comes as a single line. Use it with the MAC 18-TLi.
  • The WX100 are Macalister strimmer spools which take a 5m line (two 1.5mm lines supplied).

Macalister Strimmer Blades

The BQ026 Plastic Blades come in a pack of 20 and are suitable for the MGT 18 18v Li cordless, MGT 36-Li, MGT 300 (2014+), CLGT3625K and the MGT300-1.

Don't forget our no-quibble 90-day refund policy - if you've bought the wrong thing, just send it back and we'll refund or credit your purchase amount. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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