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Mountfield Strimmer Parts

Cohen & Selby founded Mountfield in 1962, since when it has continually supplied much-respected and sought-after gardening equipment, especially lawnmowers and trimmers. The company merged with Stiga, Alpina and Castelgarden in 2000 to form GGP Group, with the Mountfield factory subsequently relocating from Maidenhead to Portsmouth. Atco joined the group later, in 2011.

The GGP headquarters are now in Castelfranco, Italy. The group sells more than one million garden appliances every year, with most of the manufacturing, including Mountfield strimmer parts, carried out in Italy, Slovakia and China.

Mountfield products include garden tractors, ride-on mowers, and roller and rotary mowers. It also manufactures a broad range of blowers, cutters, chainsaws, garden shredders, scarifies, cultivators, trimmers and strimmers, including both petrol-driven and cordless battery-powered models.

Maintaining Mountfield strimmers

Well-designed, long-lasting garden tools are worth looking after - the least you can do is to put them away clean. As the owner of a Mountfield strimmer, you are in luck, as they have a reputation for staying surprisingly clean underneath compared with some other brands. Nevertheless, you should always check, remembering to power off your strimmer before even lifting the cutting blades from the ground.

In addition to checking for any damage, inspect your Mountfield strimmer cutting lines and Mountfield strimmer spools. If the cords are at all worn or the amount remaining in the spool is getting low, it is time to change them.

If you wish, new Mountfield strimmer cutting lines can be cut from a reel of appropriate cord - Simply Bearings supplies this in another section - and wound onto the old depleted spools; however, most people prefer the convenience of dropping in ready-wound replacement Mountfield strimmer spools.

This is a very straightforward operation - simply remove the cap to access the empty spool and insert the new one by freeing the cords from their retaining pleats and threading through the eyelets in the sides of the housing. Many users fail to replace the caps securely; fortunately, in the event of a lost cap, Simply Bearings can supply replacements - just call us to identify the right part.

Other Mountfield strimmer parts

Simply Bearings can procure any spare part needed for a Mountfield strimmer or other garden appliance. We also have a good range of the tools you are likely to need. Mountfield tends to use 10mm and 13mm nuts, so you may need 10mm and 13mm spanners and a good standard-sized screwdriver.

Occasionally, make a point of cleaning the cooling fins and around the carburettor and spark plug. Angle gearing should be three-quarters full of grease. The fuel filter should also be checked every few months.

Lastly, don't leave unused fuel in the tank for more than three months, as it will go stale.


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