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Muscle V-Belts

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Muscle V Belts

Muscle V belts are simply designed to be the strongest and most durable belts on the market. Their strength has been estimated to be 35% better than a regular belt, with a power transmission efficiency of up to 98%. The improved transmission is due mainly to reduced longitudinal stretch and yet their design also gives them improved flexibility, allowing these belts to reverse bend, ideal for use with drives that employ back idlers.


Muscle V belts have specially treated high tenacity polyester tension cord running through the circumference and a wear resistant rubberised fabric jacket. Ordinary rubbers are replaced with highly engineered rubber composites for maximum strength and cushioning as well as cool running, flexibility, carch resistance and maximum bonding strength with outer sheathing fabric and the tensile cords.

All belts are UV, Ozone, oil and chemical resistant as well as anti-static (ISO 1813).

Low Maintenance and Long-lasting

Their improved quality makes these belts maintenance free. Resistance to warp and stretch means no later re-tensioning will be required.

Two key causes of v-belt wear are eliminated because longitudinal flexion does not have to be overcome by increasing tension and neither are they subject to long-term stretch that could cause slippage (engines are also spared some wear by these improvements).

Muscle V Belts have improved temperature tolerance. A regular belt is typically rated for a range from -20C to +70C but muscle belts are tolerant from -25C to +120C.

The result is a longer service life and less down-time for replacing belts. These savings easily offset their higher initial cost, especially in more intensive applications.


These belts are available in the most commonly used standard belt lengths and profiles usually required by equipment used in agriculture, cement mixing, compressors, transportation, mining, textile and paper processing, fitness apparatus, motor mowers, marine engines, road construction and the oil and gas industries.

Muscle belts are available in classical cross sections (A, B, C etc.) and in the metric range (SPA, SPB, SPC etc.). The A series are probably the most common in use.

Dimensional and constructional exactitude is guaranteed by compliance with BS 3790, ISO 4184 and IS 2494.

Advantages for Designers

The greater performance of muscle belts mean a potential space saving in engine design or re-design, enabling the use of slimmer pulleys or fewer drives in multi-drive systems.


Environmental considerations were high on the agenda when these belts were designed. The manufacturers guarantee zero emission of toxic substances both in manufacture and in operation. These belts were designed to comply with latest national and international standards such as the REACH directives and RoHS regulations.

Every belt we sell is backed by a full manufacturer's warranty and our no nonsense customer support. We are never too busy to help you identify or locate the v-belt your application requires.


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