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Nitrile rubber V rings are normally mounted on rotary shafts for use as seals. They differ from oil seals in that they don't have a rigid steel shell and are made completely of rubber. They have good resistance to grease, liquid, sand, grit and oil. Nitrile rubber can resist petroleum and its products very effectively, so it is widely used in the automotive and aircraft industries for seals and self-sealing petrol storage tanks, as well as in other contexts, such as fuel hoses.

A feature of all V-rings is that because they are made of rubber, they can be stretched to fit over bearings, couplings, keys, flanges and other fittings. This is particularly useful for making repairs.

Types of V-Ring

All types of nitrile rubber V rings have a single conical lip and moulded body. The V-ring rotates with the shaft, and the seal is formed by the placement of the lip against the bearing or housing. The body of the V-ring is held in place because it grips the shaft tightly - and this also serves to seal the V-ring against the shaft.

We stock three types of nitrile V-rings: A-section, S-section and L-section. The A-section rings feature a rear face which is flat, while the S-section rings have a conical rear face. For this reason, an S-section V-ring will take up more space than an A-section V-ring. L-section V-rings have an exceptionally thin profile - they are made in sizes of 140mm to 450mm.

Note that the rubber provides flexibility and a cost-effective seal, so the seals will accommodate a certain amount of misalignment. Sizes quoted are for a minimum and maximum shaft size, starting at 2.7mm to 3.5mm and going up to 665mm to 705mm.

Not Suitable for Some Applications

If your application involves very high temperatures, or if the seal will be exposed to a harsh environment, such as sunlight, extreme weather or ozone, then nitrile V-rings won't be suitable and you may need to consider fluorocarbon rubber.

Advice and Help Always Available

For advice on what chemicals and operating ranges are suitable, you can consult the handy chemical resistance look-up table in the product pages.

However, our no-quibble returns policy means that you need never worry about buying a product from Simply Bearings - if it's the wrong part, you can return it. Or give our friendly and knowledgeable staff a quick ring before you order, and they'll be happy to give you any information or advice you need.


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