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Nu-Tool Strimmer Parts

Anyone with an overgrown garden or lots of lawn edges to trim will be grateful to Texan George Ballas, who invented the strimmer. Here at Simply Bearings we have a comprehensive stock of Nu-Tool strimmer parts, including Nu-Tool strimmer cutting lines, Nu-Tool strimmer spools and, of course, Nu-Tool strimmer spool covers.

The original strimmer was made of fishing line attached to a lawn edger, and that principle still holds true - strimmers haven't changed that much and are basically a brilliantly simple idea translated into a modern easy-to-use tool.

Nu-Tool Strimmer Parts

There are various thicknesses of Nu-Tool strimmer cutting lines. The PD250 1.3mm line is supplied as a spool with two lines, each 3.5m in length. This line is ideal for trimming borders and leaving a neat edge around garden furniture and statuary. It can be used with the GD220W (220W model, article code: 720712), NTGG250 and NTGG400 models.

The TR300 has two 1.3mm lines too, but it features a longer line length - both lines are 2m long. The TR300 is suitable for the 250W model, article code: 223184.

The EH250 strimmer spools are supplied with two 1.5mm lines which provide a more robust tool for dealing with areas of the garden that have become overgrown as well as for ordinary edging and border jobs. These lines are 3m long and will fit the 217664 400W model.

If you want a 1.5mm line but need a longer cutting line, then the Nu-Tool BQ213 1.5mm line comes in two 5m lengths. It's suitable for the larger 450W model - article code: 223185.

Nu-Tool Strimmer Spools and Nu-Tool Strimmer Spool Covers

New spools and Nu-Trim strimmer spool covers are also available. Nu-Trim strimmer spools are available for various models. Part number EH 455 is for the for the 400W model (217664). Part number PD451 is suitable for the Nu-Tool NTGG250 and NTGG400 models.

Our normal delivery is fast and reliable, but we can also help out if you need a part in a hurry. Just call us to arrange next-day or even same-day delivery. Normal delivery is free, and overseas delivery is exceptionally good value and simple to arrange - just enter the overseas address at the checkout. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service - we aim to give you outstanding value in every way.


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