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Original Jubilee and JCS Brand Worm Drive Clip Kits

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Jubilee Clip Kits

Jubilee clip kits are a great way to save on the cost of individual items. If you can't find what you want in a standard kit, you can also make up clips/clamps to your own customised sizes for specific requirements.

These kits are especially useful in the building industry, where jubilee clip kits are used in trades such as plumbing. The kit is easily transportable and can solve many fixing problems on site.

The 12-piece assorted hose clip kits and hose clamp sets are a popular choice due to their low cost and versatility. You will find three each of the 6 x 16mm, 16 x 25mm, 18 x 32mm and 27 x 51mm products in the hose clip kits, with great deals on these kits if you buy higher quantities.

The 12-piece kit is carded; however, if you require more pieces and somewhere to store them, look no further than the 26-piece hose clips kit that comes in its own storage case and features a choice of 26 adjustable hose clamps in zinc. This makes a perfect spares kit and the hose clips come in a range of six different sizes, from 16mm to 40mm. There is also a handy sizing guide on the lid of the box in case you get the clips out of order.

The 35-piece stainless steel hose clip and hose clamp sets represent exceptional value. The sizes of the clips range from 8-16mm diameter x 8mm width to 19-44mm diameter x 12.7mm width; therefore, you can use these in a very wide range of applications.

The clips and clamps come in a robust storage case, with compartments for ease of use and a carrying handle. This is an ideal set of spares to carry with you or keep in your van. A hex head hose clamp driver is also included.

Some jobs require special sizes not available in clamp sets and we can supply an eight-piece stainless steel hose clamp kit that will enable you to make up to eight customised clamps.

You can shop for all these kits safe in the knowledge that Simply Bearings' no-quibble refund policy means that if the kit is not what you require, you can return it for a full refund.


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