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PD115 Lawn Mower Plastic Blades Pack of 15 By ALM - Fits Pacific
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PD115 Lawn Mower Plastic Blades Pack of 15 By ALM - Fits Pacific

Equivalent to: Suitable for the following Pacific models: PHM-1-02

High Performance Mower and Trimmer Blades: These replacement plastic blades are suitable for a wide range of grass strimmers/trimmer machines and lawnmowers. They are not designed to be too sharp [show more]...

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Brand / Quality: Pacific

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 products)

Pacific Lawn Mower Parts

Pacific lawn mower parts are from generic sources. They are similar - if not identical - to the components used in many other budget brands often found in outlets such as Aldi, Tesco or Homebase. These lightweight hover mowers use plastic blades that require frequent replacement, as they wear down in use and are also fairly easily warped or lost. We therefore supply best quality replacement blades in packs of 15 or more.

An advantage of assembling appliances from parts sourced on the open market is often that a good quality power tool can be brought to market at an excellent price point; however, this does not necessarily make it easy to identify a part if a replacement is required at a later date. Even large supplier chains such as B&Q often struggle to find spare parts for some of their lower-priced models; however, this does not mean that they are not available.

As Pacific lawn mower parts are sourced generically, many of their components are shared with other garden appliances, especially those badged Exceed, Haussman, Nu Tool, Greapo, Powerforce or Rona. If you find that your appliance is in need of a replacement part, the first thing you should do is call the Simply Bearings customer service line for assistance. Our experts can usually identify a replacement part that can be reliably fitted to your mower or other garden implement.

Replacing Pacific lawn mower blades

Pacific lawn mower blades are very easy to fit and remove. No mower or strimmer should ever be upturned to access the blades before stopping the engine and ensuring it cannot be accidentally powered on. In addition to the danger presented by the cutting edges, there is a serious risk of eye injuries from flying debris.

Your old plastic cutting blades can be removed with an inward push. The new ones fit in the reverse way, with a simple outward clip-in motion. There is a right and a wrong way, so be sure to orientate them in the same direction as those you have removed. Whether they are metal, plastic or wire, remember that blades are always - by definition - sharp. It is advisable to wear cut-proof gloves when handling them.

The Simply Bearings catalogue contains a good range of protective clothing, including gloves, eye protection and leggings designed specifically to protect you whilst using garden power equipment such as mowers, strimmers and chainsaws.

Note that although Pacific lawn mower blades use a very common design, this does not mean you can safely assume they can be fitted to other models of lawn mower or strimmer. Small differences in weight or dimensions can make them inefficient or even dangerous. Please check with us if you are in any doubt when choosing replacement consumables or spare parts for any power tool.


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