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Partner Strimmer Parts

The Partner brand has a complex and interesting history. The name derives from the Swedish company AB Partner, which was set up by AB Bergborrmaskiner and L?ttmetallgjuteri AB to build chainsaws for the Swedish logging industry. The brand soon merged with another Swedish company, Jonsereds. Partner and Jonsereds then became partners of Electrolux, which passed the Partner brand name on to Husqvarna.

Husqvarna, whose history dates back to 1689, had already produced its first lawnmowers and garden equipment in 1919 after acquiring Norrahammars Bruk the previous year and first equipped its lawnmowers with petrol engines in 1947. The Husqvarna group has since given maintenance responsibilities to another subsidiary, McCulloch.

McCulloch was founded by the eccentric American engineer and entrepreneur Robert McCulloch - the man who bought London Bridge and rebuilt it in Arizona. His wife was Barbara Ann Briggs of Briggs & Stratton. Netflix should do a series!

Partner strimmer parts, such as lawnmower spares, are sometimes interchangeable with products branded McCulloch or Flymo, both of which are currently Husqvarna subsidiaries.

Strimmer care

As with most strimmers, Partner strimmer cutting lines are intended to wear down in use and be replaced by the spare line on the spools inside, which - of course - eventually runs out. Some people keep a reel of spare cutting line and re-thread the exhausted spool; however, this can be a time-consuming and fiddly operation. Simply Bearings can supply reels of cord suitable for use as Partner strimmer cutting lines if you prefer this approach, but most strimmer owners prefer to keep a batch of spare spools.

New Partner strimmer spools, already wound with line, are a quicker, easier and inexpensive option. If you allow your line to get too short, worn or perished, it is common to lose it within the cassette, so keep some in your gardening toolbox ready for action. In an emergency, Simply Bearings can often arrange next day deliveries.

Fitting replacement Partner strimmer spools

Before you do anything else, make absolutely sure your strimmer cannot power up while you are attending to it. Disconnect mains-powered strimmers, remove cordless batteries or isolate petrol-driven starters.

You can then upturn your strimmer; in most cases, there are no nuts or screws to worry about. The majority of models have fast-release caps over the head assembly; once opened, you can simply twist out the old spool and drop in the new. The most difficult part is remembering to thread the cord ends through the eyelets in the housing and to replace the cap securely. The whole operation takes just a minute.

Other Partner strimmer parts

Simply Bearings can locate almost any strimmer part you may require - just call us for help in identifying what you need. Remember that all strimmer manufacturers recommend wearing some safety equipment whilst using a strimmer - notably protective gloves and eye protection from flying debris. We have suitable PPE in other sections of the catalogue.


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