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Performance Power

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Performance Power Chainsaw Parts

A new chain works wonders for a chainsaw - it cuts more cleanly and makes the chainsaw easier to use and safer to handle. So replacing the chainsaw regularly is a good investment and can prolong the life of your chainsaw.

These Performance Power chainsaw parts are of excellent quality and easy to fit. Some of the parts are chain only, but there is also a chain and bar product with the chain ready fitted to the bar.

Replacement Performance Power Chainsaw Chains

This is a quick reference list - if you don't see the correct chain for your machine here, check the product listings, as we are always updating our stock. Many of these Performance Power chainsaw spares fit the same size bar but have different numbers of drive links, so you'll need to check that your model is listed on the one that you order.

  • Performance Power CH050 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 35cm Bar. Equivalent to 14 inch with 50 drive links.
  • Performance Power CH052 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 35cm Bar. Equivalent to 14 inch with 52 drive links.
  • Performance Power CH056 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 40cm Bar. Equivalent to 16 inch with 56 drive links.
  • Performance Power CH057 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 40cm Bar. Equivalent to 16 inch with 57 drive links.
  • Performance Power CH062 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 46cm Bar. Equivalent to 18 inch with 62 drive links.

Performance Power chainsaw parts also include the ready fitted bar and chain combination for a 45cm (14 inch) chainsaw, which has 52 drive links.

Safety When Working with Replacement Performance Power Chainsaw Chains

Chainsaw users know how important it is to work safely. We stock a great range of chainsaw safety gear. This includes an integrated set with helmet, visor and ear defenders - because if you use a chainsaw a lot, your hearing can be affected by being so close to the noise of the machine. The visor prevents twigs and other debris injuring your eyes or face, and the whole set provides protection if you are hit by a falling branch. (Always make sure that no members of the public or onlookers are standing underneath your work area.)

We also have unisex chaps to wear over working trousers. These are adjustable so that the size offers a universal fit. Then we have gloves that are specifically designed for chainsaw users with extra reinforcement on the left glove in case the chainsaw slips.

If you find any of the Performance Power chainsaw spares that you order aren't right or are no longer needed, our no-quibble 90-day guarantee means that you can return the item and we'll either give you a refund or replace it with something else. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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