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Performance Power

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Performance Power Strimmer Parts

Performance Power is a brand name belonging to Kingfisher plc, a mostly British multinational buying-group. It is a trader rather than a manufacturers; in fact, it is a spin-off from Woolworths - remember them? Kingfisher supplies an enormous range of DIY and garden tools sourced from a variety of international manufacturers. Its primary outlets in the UK are B&Q superstores, but the group also owns Screwfix, Superdrug and other chain stores.

B&Q used to have a poor record for product consistency and locating spares for them; however, a reorganisation in 2008 led to the creation of the improved Performance Power range. Generally speaking, product quality is now better and spares easier to identify. They are often common with power and garden tools sold under other brands, such as MacAllister, Qualcast, Einhell, Draper, JCB, Florabest, Grizzly, Parkside, Ryobi, Homelite, Challenge, Champion, and even Asda.

Performance Power strimmer parts

Although there are cheap generic parts and consumables compatible with some of these models, we always source our Performance Power strimmer parts from the original manufacturers whenever feasible. We believe generic and imitation parts are often a false economy in the long run.

In this section of our catalogue you will find strimmer consumables such as Performance Power strimmer cutting lines and Performance Power strimmer spools. We can also supply replacements for most other parts of your strimmer or trimmer - triggers, cables, carbon brushes, blades, drive belts and so on. If you require any Performance Power strimmer parts that you can't locate or identify from our website, just give our customer service team a call - we are always happy to help.

Performance Power strimmer cutting lines

Performance Power strimmer cutting lines usually consist of two strands of nylon 'wire' that wear away in use and are reloaded from spools inside the Performance Power strimmer head assemblies. When worn or depleted, these cutting lines need replacement. You can do this either by replacing Performance Power strimmer spools with new ones or by rewinding fresh supplies of wire onto the old spool.

Only consider reloading your old Performance Power strimmer spools if you are fairly dexterous and have a reel of compatible cutting line. Not all cutting line is the same - it varies by thickness, stiffness, weight and cross-section. Some strimmers can accommodate a range of different cutting lines, but at the budget end of the market you are likely to experience line feed problems or over-heat your motor. We can identify compatible line for you if you want to take this route.

Dropping in a new pre-loaded spool is quicker. Empty spools simply lift out of Performance Power strimmer head assemblies after pulling off the Performance Power strimmer spool covers. Take care to replace Performance Power strimmer spool covers firmly, as they are often lost. You will also find replacements listed in this section.


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