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Peugeot Strimmer Parts

We stock Peugeot strimmer parts, Peugeot strimmer cutting lines and, of course, Peugeot strimmer spools. You may also be interested in some of our safety gear, which can help protect your eyes, hands and feet. We can supply eye protectors and visors that will prevent bits of shrub, thistle and stalk flying into your eye when you are strimming.

It's worth noticing whether your strimmer model has a clockwise or anticlockwise motion, because it makes a difference as to where the debris will fly out when you are using it. It also means that the edge opposing the one where the debris is ejected is the most efficient cutting surface, allowing you to move along with the strimmer without re-strimming debris.

Gloves with a non-slip grip will help you avoid blisters and make it less likely that you will accidentally drop the strimmer.

Peugeot Strimmer Parts

These include Peugeot strimmer cutting lines, such as the 1.5mm line which comes with a 7m length. 1.5mm line is ideal for most garden jobs, and these lines are ready loaded on Peugeot strimmer spools. The PP300 spool and line will fit the CB25 and CB30 strimmer models.

Using the Strimmer to Best Effect

Strimmers are brilliant at creating neat edges and borders and equally useful for clearing any parts of the garden that have become overrun with weeds. The stiffer the line and the faster it spins, the more cutting ability the strimmer will have. There are techniques for the different garden jobs that you use a strimmer for, and angling the strimmer create different effects. For a straight border, you hold the strimmer flat at the height you require. For a tapered effect, you hold the strimmer at a slight angle.

Ordering New Strimmer Parts

It's always worth having a spare strimmer line and spool on hand, because it's extremely annoying to set aside a day for strimming and then find that the line breaks when you've hardly started. In fact, we offer great discounts on multiple purchases, so it may be worth buying a few.

However many you order, we can get your order to you quickly and efficiently - even on the same day if it's really urgent. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service.

We also deliver abroad at very reasonable rates. You can see the cost of your international delivery when you type in an overseas address at the checkout.


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