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Pillow Block Housings

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Pillow Block Housings

Pillow block housings are used to give support when a shaft is turning. With a pillow block, the shaft is parallel to the mounting surface and lies in a perpendicular direction along the centre line of the holes which contain the bolts. This arrangement is different from the one that applies with flange units and flanged blocks.

We stock a wide range of different types of pillow block housings, and within each category you'll find a great selection of sizes and types of block, from top quality manufacturers and in everyday EU quality. For example, within the two bolt cast iron pillow blocks there are over six hundred products.

Some of the products are ANSI compliant, others BS (British Standard) compliant. The EU standard and the BS standard are usually identical. Some of the pillow blocks are designed to withstand very high temperatures - SKF is the leading manufacturer in this field.

2-bolt Cast Iron Pillow Block Housing Bearings

The cast iron pillow blocks are the basic units that are widely used across engineering and manufacturing.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pillow blocks are very durable and strong, and can be used in industries such as food production, where hygiene is a key consideration. However, in a marine environment they need to be protected because they will eventually corrode. See the individual products on the category page to check their exact specification and recommended uses.

Thermoplastic / Stainless Steel

These units have a sealed bearing insert made of stainless steel, which is fitted into a plastic housing. The housing has stainless steel inserts in the bolt holes to stop crushing. As with ordinary stainless steel, they'll need protection in a marine environment.

SKF Composite Y-Plummer

The purpose of the composite unit is to allow the units to operate reliably for extended periods, without maintenance, in challenging environments. They have Y bearings and a design that keeps contamination out and lubrication in. When high pressure washing takes place, the seals keep detergent and water out of the sealed area.

Miniature Pillow Blocks

With an inside diameter of 10-30 mm these are ideal for lighter applications and models.

Pressed Steel Pillow Blocks

Made of galvanised steel, these pillow blocks are ideal for light to medium applications. You can bolt them to timber or sheet metal and they're an economical choice.

Small Footprint Pillow Block Housing Bearings

These cast iron blocks are designed to take up less space at the base, so they're a good choice for applications where space is tight.


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