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Powerforce Strimmer Parts

We stock a great range of Powerforce strimmer parts. These include Powerforce head assemblies, if you need to change the whole strimming head, but also Powerforce strimmer spools and Powerforce cutting lines of various thicknesses and lengths.

The 1.3mm Powerforce cutting lines are suitable for most garden jobs, including strimming grass around heavy garden furniture, statues, edges and borders. The 1.5mm line will deal with more demanding jobs, such as undergrowth, weeds and brambles, which require a heavier cutting line.

Remember to use your Powerforce strimmer safely - always wear closed shoes, and think about eye protection and sure-grip gloves. Both of these are available from us, so you may want to take a look at the safety clothing and accessories section. Plastic eye protectors, or even a visor, can ensure that you don't get hit in the eye by debris flying up during strimming.

Powerforce Strimmer Spools and Lines

The PD250 strimmer spool has two Powerforce cutting lines - 3.5mm long and 1.3mm thick. It can be used with the Powerforce CGT250B1.

The PP257 strimmer spool has one line, 1.5mm thick and 7m long. It can be used with the DYM2062 Cordless 18v strimmer. It can also be used with the GT200MD, but you'll need to check your product documentation first because the GT200MD comes in different versions, and the spool fits some but not all.

Powerforce Head Assemblies and Spool Covers We stock the PD451 spool, line and spool cover set, which is suitable for the Powerforce CGT250B1.

The complete head assembly is suitable for the AT3366AV. The pack supplied consists of the housing, a spool and line, a retaining bolt and a spring, with a half-inch right-hand thread bolt.

If you need your Powerforce strimmer parts urgently, we can rush them to you on the same day you place your order - just give our telephone team a call and they will be happy to help. The same goes for guaranteed next-day delivery - we can quickly arrange it. Our normal delivery has a great reputation for reliability and speed - what's more, it's free in the UK for nearly all items.

If you're living abroad or have a holiday home, getting deliveries outside the UK is also simple. Just state the destination when you check out with your purchases, and we'll show you the delivery price. Our delivery partner is a top international delivery expert, so your overseas delivery will maintain the same high Simply Bearings standards.


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