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Pressed Steel Pillow Housing

Pressed steel pillow housing units are two-piece mountings for bearings that provide load support for rotating shafts. They can accommodate much the same range of bearing inserts as round, oval and triangular housings, but are designed for simple and secure rooting to a flat surface. Mounting holes or slots in the base take bolts or screws and facilitate easy alignment adjustment.

Pressed steel pillow housing units are a lightweight and pocket friendly alternative to solid cast pillow housings, and they are best suited for machinery with relatively moderate rotation speeds and loads. Nevertheless they are of a strong construction, and correctly fitted the larger sizes reliably manage static loads of more than 3,000lbs, or over 5,000lb dynamically. These pressed steel pillow housings will secure a variety of bearing options, but if in any doubt about their suitability for your application, our customer service personnel are always happy to advise.

Understanding Sizing and Design

The SKUs of pressed steel pillow housings usually contain a numeric prefix that is a guide to overall size of the bearing they will accommodate. These SKF pressed steel pillow housing units are readily available in sizes from 202 to 207, and larger on request. Numeric suffixes are often added to indicate the appropriate shaft diameter, either in millimetres or sixteenths of an inch. Thus a 207-23 for example would denote a shaft diameter of 1-7/16", while a 207-30MM would indicate a shaft diameter of 30mm.

Bearing inserts can be open-sided, rubber sealed or metal shielded. Simply Bearings have most of these types of bearings available. Any type you cannot find in stock, Simply Bearings are always happy to identify and source for you.

The general design of the intended bearing is usually indicated by the alphabetic prefix. Common bearing insert ranges include UC, SA, UCX, SB, NA, SC, UK, CSA, HC and CSB. Different manufacturers will often add their own alphabetic prefixes, but they are often interchangeable with the more common designations. Again, call our expert personnel to confirm the compatibility of the bearing or housing if you are in any doubt.

For example, the SA200 series of insert bearings have a narrow inner ring and an eccentric cam locking collar for easy installation. The HC200 series, in contrast, have a relatively wide inner ring but also use an eccentric locking collar. The SB200 series have a narrow inner ring but uses two set screws for securing in place on the shaft.

These PP housings are manufactured from high grade raw material. Simply Bearings only source good quality bearings and components. There may be cheaper unbranded imports but they are a false economy, as any engineer that relies on bearings will tell you.


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