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Pressed Steel Round Housings

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Pressed Steel Round Housings

These 3 and 4 bolt pressed steel round housings are a great choice for medium or light duty engineering applications. They're economical and simple to fit, and the galvanised steel they're made from is durable and hardwearing, with the zinc coating preventing corrosion of the steel beneath.

The housings can be bolted onto sheet metal structures, or even onto timber if needed. They come with a sealed bearing insert which you can secure onto the shaft with the grub screws (also supplied). Once you've assembled the insert and housing and secured it, the bearing will remain rigid within the housing. You can also order the inserts separately if you need to replace them.


The size range for the internal diameter of the housings is between 12mm and 41.28mm, or in imperial measurement, ?" to 1 5/8". The four bolt pressed steel round block housing bearings are for bearings that are larger than 1 ?" or 40mm.

Eccentric Collar Inserts

The pressed steel round housings are also available with an eccentric collar bearing insert. It comes with grub screws to secure the housing to the shaft. The eccentric collar inserts are also available separately if you require replacements.

SKF Round Flanged Y-bearing Units with Pressed Steel Housing

Most of the housings in this range are EU budget economy brand. However, we also stock a premium quality SKF bearing housings with a slightly different specification. This is suitable for use with loads that aren't too heavy, or don't require high speeds. It consists of a pressed steel round flanged housing and is available with three or four holes for the attachment bolts, depending on the size of the housing.

Incredible Range, Unbeatable Value, Great Delivery

Simply Bearings has a great range of stock, and can offer generous discounts on larger orders. The price of some products drops by half when very large amounts are ordered, but on these pressed steel round block housing bearings, you can start enjoying a generous discount once you order more than three. Click on the "Lower Prices" button next to the product details to see how much you could save on your order. It may be worthwhile restocking and holding some spares to take advantage of the discount, rather than placing separate orders.

And don't worry about delivery - our standard delivery is fast but if it absolutely must be there tomorrow, or even today, we can arrange that. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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