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Pressed Steel Triangular Housings

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Pressed Steel Triangular Housings

At Simply Bearings, you can buy pressed steel triangular housings either as standalone replacement parts which are ready to accept bearing inserts of your choice, or snap up housings which come with an insert included to make things even easier for yourself.

As with a number of the other basic parts we offer on our site, the pressed steel triangular housings are available at budget-friendly prices, and you can save even more cash when you increase the quantity of your order.

The standalone pressed steel triangular housing units are flanged and come with three bolt slots, so that they can be fitted in place around a shaft with ease, once a bearing insert has been added. Since they are pressed from steel, they are both resistant to corrosion and they are highly durable, as well as being inexpensive enough to allow for flexible future replacement options.

If you are in the market for pressed steel triangular housing units with inserts included, then we have got you covered. Diameters range right up to 35 millimetres and the inclusion of grub screws means that you have the option of fixing the bearing to the shaft itself for added consistency and stability.

This type of housing unit is sturdy enough for light and medium duty jobs, giving you the flexibility to bolt it to a variety of surface types. For those products that come with the bearing inserts included, replacing these later on is simple, as they are widely compatible and are in keeping with standard industry dimensions.

Both standard inserts and collared inserts are sold here on the Simply Bearings site, so make sure you take this into account when making a decision. You can search for housing units based on their quality and their inside diameter, so you will always be able to find the exact part you require each time you shop with us.

Delivery is free on all orders which are shipped within the UK, giving our domestic customers great value for money no matter how many parts they need. Express and international shipping is also available, with deliveries to other parts of the world available at minimal additional cost.

With customer service that is second to none and a cutting edge warehouse packed with stock, you can buy from Simply Bearings and be sure of getting the best possible experience, whether you need pressed steel triangular housings, engineering parts or tools of any type.


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