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Engineers Adhesives

Threaded fasteners were first invented more than 2,000 years; however, despite centuries of development, they are still prone to the self-loosening that ultimately leads to component failure. At Simply Bearings we sell a wide range of engineering adhesives that provide an inexpensive and permanent way to prevent threaded fastener failure.

We stock products from leading brands such as Loctite, Truloc and CarPlan, so whether you are looking for a medium-strength nut lock sealant or a solvent-resistant stud lock, you know you will be getting a high-quality product that is easy to use and will meet your exact requirements. Engineering adhesives are an excellent alternative to split pins, washers and other locking components.

Available in a variety of strengths and viscosities, most components that have been locked in place with threading sealants can easily be undone using standard hand tools; in some cases, heat may first need to be applied to weaken the bond, so be sure to choose the correct level of strength for your particular application.

In addition to preventing loosening, threading sealants also force out all the air between the threads, preventing corrosion and rust forming and prolonging the life of your components. If an item needs to be disassembled at any time in the future, the use of adhesive means the components are less likely to be damaged or have their threads stripped in the process.

In the case of studs that do not require removal for regular maintenance, the strongest possible grade of adhesive should be used to prevent the stud becoming unscrewed when the corresponding nut is removed. Lower-strength adhesives are idea for use with soft alloy and plastic nuts and fasteners.

Using an adhesive to lock a nut is place is more economical and far more effective than using a mechanical lock nut. This is especially the case in applications where the nuts are likely to be subjected to shock and vibration, as even lock nuts may become loose over time. Lock nuts cost more and do not offer the same level of protection against corrosion that is provided by the use of adhesives.


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