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Puncture Protection

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Puncture Repair Sealants & Tapes

Punctures are the bane of any cyclist, and Kevlar tyres don't protect you from them forever. For cyclists who race, tour or scramble down dirt tracks, punctures are more than an inconvenience - the whole day can be ruined and the walk home could be a long one. Bikes with a total blow-out aren't even easy to push.

Alternative ways to fix or prevent punctures are obviously welcome, and our cycling range includes several. As well as patches that are reliable without glue, there are puncture repair sealants that quickly plug those hard to find slow leaks or can be injected in advance so tyres auto-seal before even beginning to deflate. There is also puncture repair tape to line your tyres, to help prevent punctures in the first place.

Products in this range are also suitable for trailers, wheelbarrows, golf carts, go-carts and wheel chairs.

Do They Work?

There is no doubt these products work admirably in most conditions. Equivalent products have been developed for emergency car tyre repairs and have been so successful there is talk of supplying them as an alternative to carrying a spare in the trunk.

It's important to appreciate their limitations however. For example, glue-free patches will still work better on a clean well-prepared inner-tube surface, puncture repair sealants cannot plug wide tears (which are few and far between) and inner tubes are likely to need changing sooner when they contain sealants. Where these products really shine is in providing protection against emergencies you cannot afford, or quick fixes when one is looming.

Tubed or Tubeless, Schrader or Presta

All cyclists are familiar with inner tubes, but more and more bikes are available these days with tubeless tyres - as is true for our motorised cousins. Be aware that some of these products are intended for tubeless tyres and others for conventional inner tubes. Some sealants are suitable for both, others not. Also, sealants that are intended for squirting inside an inner-tube require that you are able to gain access by removing the valve. This is simple with most tyres, including Schrader valves, but there are a few that do not have removable cores. It's possible to inject latex-based sealants through Presta valves even with non-removable cores, but don't attempt this with fibrous sealants as they will clog it.

Puncture repair tape is generally intended for conventional tubed tyres.


After inserting puncture repair sealants, always be sure to give it a good start by spinning your wheels. If you've used a preventative sealant and later notice a small deflation in the tyre, remember that the sealant works best when the bike is in motion, so that it is constantly flowing around the perimeter of the tyre. If you stop and pull over to watch it, you could be depriving the puncture of the sealant required to plug it.

All our products are of the highest quality - we sell no other kind - and they come with full instructions.


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