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Puncture Repair Kits

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Puncture Repair Kits

We stock a wide range of different puncture repair kits suitable for everyday use or cycling holidays and for various kinds of tyre.

Bike Puncture Repair Kits

Cure-C-Cure's Repair Strips are excellent quality. They ensure a permanent repair because they are taper-edged so that the patch doesn't lift. There's also do a full puncture repair kit, with feather-edged patches, compliant with BS AU159.

Another name you can trust is Weldtite. Their repair kit contains a range of patches, adhesive, chalk and sandpaper. They've been going for 75 years, and to celebrate they've brought out a cycle repair kit in a vintage design tin. It's a great gift for any cycling enthusiast.

They also do kits for puncture repair, cleaning and relubrication, with separate kits for use in dry and wet conditions.

Fat and narrow tyres need their own kits

Cure-c-Cure have high-quality puncture repair kits specifically for narrow-profile tyres. Meanwhile, Weldtite have a bike puncture repair kit for fat tyres. This will fix punctures in 27.5", 29" tyres and 3" inner tubes.

Tyre Levers

Tyre levers are an essential part of the repair kit, and Red Devil have a kit that combines self-seal patches and a single-action tyre lever. Weldtite has one with tyre levers and a multi-spanner. Cure-c-Cure and Weldtite have kits with tyre levers and a CO2 canister to reinflate the tyre, but before you order, just take note that there are some delivery restrictions on these.

Holiday and Touring Kits

If you're not racing or going out on day rides, but instead are away from home for a period of time, you'll need to be self-sufficient when it comes to repairing your bike. We stock the SOS Travel Kit, which has two 7ml tubes of performance lube, two Dirtwash chain wipes, two brake surface wipes, two Cyclo tyre levers and three Red Devil self-seal patches. When you're through with the repair, there are also 2 Cyclo hand wipes.

And while you're at it, don't forget the repair kit for the beach ball, paddling pool, air bed and sun bed. Weldtite do an excellent PVC kit for these.

Display Packs for Clubs and Shops

Clubs and shops can order packs, jars and other display items for the sale of repair consumables. And in any case, Simply Bearings offers great discounts on larger purchases, so for items you and your friends use a lot of, it may be worth getting together to put in a bulk order. Then you've got spares for the next time you need to make a repair.


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