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Quick Release Jubilee and JCS Brand Straps

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Quick Release Straps

Quick-release straps are a speedy and convenient solution to secure hoses, ducting, socks, cables and much more in place and applications requiring frequent removal and disassembly may benefit from this style of clamp. Often during temporary works or assembly, it is necessary to assemble and re-assemble installations many times, these clips make that process quick and efficient. They are similar to a cable tie in use but are made from metal, making them stronger and more secure. They are often specified in fire regulations to secure cabling where the use of plastic cable ties is forbidden. At Simply Bearings, we offer a vast range of quick-release band straps from top brands Jubilee and JCS. Jubilee is one of the leading suppliers of quick-release straps, so much so that they are often known as Jubilee Clips. These clips or straps are used in situations when they need to be fully opened to clasp around whatever they are needed to secure. They usually feature a special mechanism for quick and easy removal.

At Simply Bearings, we offer stainless steel or zinc plated steel quick-release Jubilee and JCS Brand Straps. Both our stainless steel and zinc-plated selections have a wide maximum adjustment range, running from 50mm up to 965mm. You can choose from a range of width measurements too, including 7mm and 11mm. You are sure to find the right straps for your needs within our extensive range. If you have any queries, please contact our professional and knowledgeable team who will be happy to help. Any orders placed before 4pm will be dispatched on the same day and there is free second-class postal delivery available on orders over £5.


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