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Rod End With Cylindrical/Rectangular Section Welding Shank

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Cylindrical-Rectangular Section Welding Shank

We have a great range of rod end bearings with either a cylindrical or rectangular section welding shank. These are particularly suitable for alternating, heavy and shock loads and have the advantage that the body can be welded to another component; therefore, they are often found in specific applications such as attached to a piston rod or hydraulic cylinder.

Rod ends comprise a round head with an integral shank, which provides a housing for a spherical bearing. The ends are available with left- or right-hand threads.

The SKF SC series of metric-sized rod end bearings comprises sliding contact surfaces (steel on steel). These cylindrical section welding shanks will need periodic maintenance and there is a lubrication point to one side of the head. SKF recommends that they are greased before being put into operation.

Timely re-lubrication will help to extend the life of the product; if the installation design allows, the lubricant can be passed directly into the bearing via the housing spindle. You can do this at any point around the groove, which contains handy holes to help target the lubricant to the mating surfaces.

SFK is a renowned global manufacturer of high-quality bearings and its products are used by many top manufacturers, such as Audi and Volkswagen, as a result of their quality and performance.

These rod end bearings can operate in the wide range temperature range -50°C to +200°C and are made of S355 J2G3 (St 52-3N) steel, which is galvanised to protect from corrosion.

To help with welding applications such as cylinder bases and piston rods, these bearings come with a dowel pin for location and a cylindrical welding shank. Inside diameters are from 20mm to 70mm. Both cylindrical section welding shanks and rectangular shanks are available.

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If you receive your new welding shank and discover you have ordered the wrong size, or can't use the part for any other reason, you will love our unbeatable 90-day no quibble 100% refund guarantee.


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