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Round Wire Snap Rings

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Round Wire Snap Rings

A snap ring, sometimes referred to as a circlip, retaining ring or C-clip, is designed to fit into a groove machined on a pin or shaft. The ring is there to allow rotation but to restrict lateral movement. While they are usually fitted over a shaft, retaining rings can also in some circumstances be fitted inside a bore.

The rings are used in a variety of applications where precision movement is required, such as in printing machinery. They can also be found in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing equipment, in differentials and gearboxes, and in a wide range of both light and heavy industrial applications. At Simply Bearings our round wire snap rings are available in a range of different sizes to fit a variety of shafts. They are made of carbon spring steel, making them a cost-effective and durable replacement for older retaining rings. These round wire snap rings fit more tightly into their grooves than other types, which means they offer a higher thrust load capability that is also more uniform; however, they are still easy to replace when they become worn.

Our retaining rings are made to high quality standards by major manufacturers, are available to order from our website, and are usually in stock; in addition, we will ship your rings on the same day if you place your order by 4pm (GMT). We offer a second class postal delivery service free of charge; however, if you need your rings faster, you can opt to pay for first class post or for courier delivery. We are happy to supply both large and small orders and to ship to customers anywhere in the UK or overseas.

You are, of course, covered by our 100 per cent no-quibble guarantee, which means you can return the goods for a refund if you are not completely happy. You can simply select the rings you want to order from the Simply Bearings site; alternatively, if you have any questions or need any help with your order, give our friendly, professional customer services team a call and we will be happy to assist you.


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