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Rounded Tooth Profile

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Rounded Tooth Profile Belts

Toothed profiles on drive belts provide benefits in a wide range of types of machinery, offering precise movements that are not affected by stretching or slipping. You can choose from a comprehensive range of rounded tooth profile belts at Simply Bearings, in a variety of sized pitches, allowing you to order the exact specifications for your requirements.

Timing belts come in a number of different types and sizes. The standard belts are designed with a squared profile to the teeth, whereas the HTD belts come with a rounded style. This enables them to mesh and de-mesh more smoothly with the pulley than a square-toothed profile can manage, which enables higher speeds to be achieved.

Our extensive range of belts includes HTD rounded tooth profiles with 3mm to 14mm pitches and STD rounded tooth profiles. The way to ensure that the timing belt drive is successfully fitted is to match it perfectly with the pulley. This is why they are manufactured in different specifications, so you don't have to compromise on the fit you get.

Another essential measurement for rounded tooth profile belts is the tooth pitch, which equates to the distance between the centres of two adjacent teeth. All our rounded profile belts can be filtered according to a number of different measurements, including the belt width and depth, the length of the belt and the number of teeth, enabling you to select exactly the right product for your application.

There are a variety of benefits to fitting these types of tooth profile belts into your machinery, including the ability to create a synchronised drive and gain an excellent resistance to deformation and fatigue.

They also provide a good level of resistance to ageing, temperature extremes and other environmental factors, which gives you an excellent degree of reliability and means it requires very little maintenance once in position.

All of the products available at Simply Bearings can be dispatched on the same day you place your order, when in stock, with the option of next-day delivery available. We also provide a free delivery service on our full range of items, including our rounded tooth profile belts, so you don't need to worry about any additional costs.

As with all types of spare parts, it's important to select the right type of rounded profile belt, so our customer service team is on hand if you have any queries. They can help you decide on the right specification for your needs and assist you with any other questions.


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