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Safety Products

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Universal Parts

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Safety Products

Safety is important when taking on a variety of projects, and with the high-quality products we stock at Simply Bearings you can protect yourself affordably. We sell everything from garden safety products to safety glasses and protective clothing that will be suitable for work in a number of industries. So check out what we offer and you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

Amongst our garden safety products you will find grass and hedge trimmer kits that include several important items. From a visor to prevent debris doing damage to your face to ear defenders that preserve your hearing and safety gloves that protect your hands while providing extra grip, these are a great investment for outdoor work.

We also sell safety gloves designed for use with chainsaws that combine extra-tough materials and equipment-specific designs to limit the likelihood that you will be harmed in the event of an accident. Chainsaw safety helmets, chaps and other protective clothing options from respected brands like Universal Parts can be found here at Simply Bearings, so there is no need to take unnecessary risks.

Our kneepads and shinguards are a great investment in a number of scenarios, giving your legs a hard-wearing layer of armour that will be able to withstand repeated impacts from detritus that is flying through the air. These kneepads and shinguards are light and flexible as well as sturdy enough to survive repeated use in hazardous environments, so you can avoid injuries in comfort.

Some of our most popular products in this category are safety glasses, which must be worn when working with various types of power tools. Eyes are very vulnerable and sensitive, so it makes sense to shield them against dust, shards of brickwork, splinters and other damaging materials.

Browse our full selection of safety products and order with confidence, as we offer free delivery to all UK customers. Meanwhile, our cost-effective overseas shipping options and express delivery services will suit you wherever you are and whatever you needs.

You can switch the currency in which our product prices are displayed, narrow your search according to the item or brand you are looking for and generally enjoy a bespoke experience shopping with Simply Bearings. Our friendly support staff will answer any questions you might have, and you can also find items of many other types, from engineering parts and accessories to cycling components and more.


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