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Quality O-Ring Seals

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Each type of O-ring material has properties better in some way than the other, it may be that they are tolerant to higher or lower temperatures or resistant to different chemicals

There is no such thing as an all purpose O-ring.
The suitability of each type needs evaluating by its resistance to chemicals and the temperature range that it will be exposed to when it is used.

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NITRILE -30 deg Celcius up to +120 deg Celcius
EPDM -53 deg Celcius up to +148
VITON -25 deg Celcius up to +200 deg Celcius (higher for short periods of time)

   are the UK's biggest suppliers of replacement nitrile rubber and Viton rotary oil , grease or cup seals - We stock a huge amount of metric and imperial sizes including those with springs as well as spring-less and stainless steel sprung types - without doubt the largest collection of nitrile and Viton seals available anywhere. These high quality products are suitable for industrial, automobile, motorcycle and general engineering sealing applications including drive shafts, crank shafts, cam shaft, engines and gearboxes as well as pumps. All types and styles are available including SC (R21), TC (R23) with the extra dust wiper lip, TC4, TCW, TCI, DC4, DC, R26, R12, R4, SB, TB, EC, ECY, CRD, VB, KC types. There is also a massive range of fork seals to repair or overhaul leaking forks. With an easy simple selection method - Simply Bearings is the Best UK online bearing and seal store to shop and buy oil seals and bearings from in the UK and makes an ideal place for cross reference between manufactures such as GUFERO, BURGMANN, TTO, NTK, NOK PIONEER, HUNGER, SIMMERRING, FOS, MERKEL, SIMRIT, CR, HALLITE, TI GROUP, CHICAGO RAWHIDE, VALQUA, FREUDENBERG, DICHTOMATIK, HERMETIC, CORTECO, SAKAGAMI, KYLE, MEILLOR, STOFFEL, GATE, SIGMA, BUSAK, KACO SKF, INA, TTO, VALVE, SUPERSEAL, WESTON, MIAMI, FLORIDA, SUPASEAL, Garlock, Federal Mogul. All oil seals are listed by their dimensions only requiring the sizes of bore, outside diameter and width to make your selection. A renowned UK Stockist of standard Nitrile Buna Rubber (NBR) N 70 'O' Rings or O Rings, round seals, cord washers, sealing rings, shaft seals, shaft rings or simmerings as they are sometimes referred are stocked in vast quantities ready for immediate same day dispatch, these are types of o'ring seal that fit into both housing and shaft O ring grooves or as gasket seals on engine cases. Both imperial or metric O ring kits are stocked containing around 400 seals in each organised boxed O ring set. Available in BS O ring sizes which are the older Imperial or Metric 'O'-Ring sizes from stock generally if its under one metre or 3 feet diameter it's available from our vast stocks. Replacement tap or faucet seals and plumbing parts for central heating pump O Rings and associated water side parts.These O Rings have a high resilience to both petrol and oil / hydraulic oil and are suitable for potable (drinking) water applications.Nitrile Buna Rubber is a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. It has excellent physical properties, however its claim to fame is based on its resistance to water, petroleum products and fuels, it has good low temperature properties as well as good heat resistance and its useful temperature range is -40 deg Fahrenheit to +275 deg Fahrenheit (-40 deg Celcius to +135 deg Celcius). Calres, Dowty, Hoze-Lock, James Walkers, Compression, Parker, Viton, low friction.


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