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Shindaiwa Chainsaw Parts

Regular chainsaw replacement is the key to long life for your chainsaw, so these Shindaiwa chainsaw parts are definitely a good investment. Not only that, but a new sharper chain makes working with the chainsaw less tiring. It cuts more cleanly and is safer in use.

If you use your chainsaw a lot, you may want to invest in a few chains so that you always have a new one in stock. We have great multi-buy offers on Shindaiwa chainsaw spares, so take a look at the discounts.

Replacement Shindaiwa Chainsaw Chains

We stock the following chains, but if you can't see the one you need, check the product page - we are constantly adding stock, and it may have been added recently.

  • Shindaiwa CH045 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 30cm Bar. Equivalent to 12 inch with 45 drive links.
  • Shindaiwa BC052 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 35cm Bar. Equivalent to 14 inch with 52 drive links.
  • Shindaiwa CH052 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 35cm Bar. Equivalent to 14 inch with 52 drive links.
  • (Note that these two Shindaiwa chainsaw spares, although they have the same measurements and number of drive links, fit different Shindaiwa products. So check the models for each chain.)
  • Shindaiwa CH056 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 40cm Bar. Equivalent to 16 inch with 56 drive links.
  • Shindaiwa CH057 Chainsaw Chain to Fit 40cm Bar. Equivalent to 16 inch with 57 drive links.
  • (These two replacement Shindaiwa chainsaw chains fit the same size bar but have different numbers of teeth, so you'll need to check that your model is listed on the one that you order.)

Chainsaw Safety

Before starting any job with a chainsaw, it's a good idea to carry out an assessment of the task. Take a look at the job itself and the surrounding area and identify any hazards. If you want to cut a tree or large shrub in an area where the public has access, make sure you cordon off the area below where you're working to stop anyone standing underneath.

Bolts, pins, nails and other metal objects can deflect a chainsaw and make handling unpredictable, so ensure that you remove any of these. And lastly, wear safety gear. We have a good selection specifically for people working with chainsaws, including chaps, special gloves and an integrated helmet, visor and ear defender set.

Fast, Free Delivery

Our normal delivery is fast, free and very reliable. However, sometimes your Shindaiwa chainsaw parts must be there on the next day or even the same day. We can organise both of these - just give our telephone team a call and they'll set this up for you.

Overseas delivery isn't free but is excellent value, is carried out by our trusted partner and couldn't be easier to arrange. Just type in the delivery address when you go to pay and you'll get a price for the delivery - simple as that. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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