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Simplex Platewheels

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Simplex Platewheels

Here at Simply Bearings, we carry a wide variety of products relating to platewheels. Our range includes simplex, duplex and triplex platewheel formats from leading manufacturers such as Dunlop, Challenge, Power Drive, Codex and Drive-Flex, so you can be sure of finding precisely the right type of platewheel for your application.

Simplex platewheels are a type of sprocket which differ from other forms in that they have no boss diameter. Simplex platewheels are also often referred to as hubless sprockets for this reason. They are to be used with a single strand of roller chain, and are suitable for a wide range of applications. As with other kinds of platewheel, a simplex platewheel is commonly found in a rotating machine as part of a chain drive mechanism. This means that they are also known as a form of chain gear, and are used in many applications such as industrial equipment, bicycles and motorcycles.

Simplex platewheels operate in a similar way to V pulleys or V belts, although their construction means that they vary in a number of significant ways. For example, Simplex platewheels feature teeth or cogs that work to transmit torque in a positive manner (no slipping), which allows them to offer advantages for the user. These benefits include the ability to be used with a flanged boss and clamped into place, or to be used with torque limiting devices, as well as the suitability for adding holes as desired, through machining or drilling methods. The construction of Simplex platewheels means that they are ideal for use with, but not limited to Simplex roller chain.

Founded in 2004, Simply Bearings has gone on to secure our place as the leaders in the online sale of bearings, oil seals, and transmission products in the UK. With a BSI performance rating that has consistently been assessed as excellent, you can be confident that when you order from Simply Bearings, you can expect to receive products of the highest quality available. Furthermore, shopping with us is safe and secure and backed up by free delivery when you spend more than ?5.

Our many glowing customer reviews pay tribute to our superb customer service and, whether you are purchasing on behalf of a large corporation or simply need a single item to get a job done yourself, we are always delighted to receive your order.


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