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Sovereign Strimmer Parts

We stock a great range of Sovereign strimmer parts, including cutting lines, spools, blades and head assemblies.

Safety first

Operated carefully, a strimmer is a safe and effective tool; however, it may be worth taking some precautions against the debris that can fly about during strimming. This is particularly the case if you are using the 2mm thick cutting line, as you may be tackling heavier undergrowth. You may want to consider wearing safety glasses or even a face visor - see our stock of safety clothing and equipment for details.

Sovereign strimmer cutting lines

These come in a pack with the Sovereign strimmer spools. The 1.5mm cutting line is robust enough to cope with most garden jobs, including cutting undergrowth, brambles and weeds. Sovereign strimmer cutting lines come in a range of packs for the different Sovereign strimmers, including the 18v cordless models. Lines vary in thickness between 1.3mm and 2mm, with the 2mm option perfect for heavier garden jobs or clearing waste ground. A range of line lengths is included with the spools.

Sovereign strimmer spools

The cutting lines are for a range of Sovereign strimmer spools, including twin line spools.

Sovereign strimmer head assemblies

Sovereign strimmer head assemblies include the GP301 and HL007. Note that this assembly fits several models and the pack contains the spool, line, housing, retaining bolt and spring. This has a half-inch right-hand thread bolt. You should check the shaft diameter and the product description, as it only fits the SGT26 with a 9.5mm shaft.

The MC111 head assembly fits the SGT24cc models. It has a full kit, including a right-hand thread bolt. The SJ007 head assembly will fit the SGT30 model.

Sovereign strimmer blades

These Sovereign strimmer blades are suitable for the 14.4v cordless strimmer, ST05.

Other Sovereign strimmer parts

We also stock the PD451 strimmer spool and line with the spool cover. There is also a mains cable, which is a high-quality 240V outdoor quality cable that can be used on a wide range of electrical machinery. It is weather-proofed.

If you need your Sovereign strimmer part urgently, we can rush it to you on the same day you make your order - just give us a call to arrange this. We also offer guaranteed next day delivery; again, give our helpful and knowledgeable telephone team a call and we will arrange this for you.


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