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Spherical Roller Bearings are non - separable double - row radial bearings.
Both rows of barrel shaped rollers rotate, in parallel, within the spherical outer ring. This allows excellent alignment compensation, caused by machining and mounting errors, between the shaft and housing.
Spherical roller bearings are typical bearings for heavy machinery and mining.
They are suitable for applications with large radial loads to or where larger misalignments may occur. They are also able to support minor axial forces in both directions.

Due to their poor kinematic behaviours, spherical roller bearings are only suitable for operating at low to medium speeds.

NKE Spherical roller bearing are produced in open design as standard.
They are frequently used with tapered bores (i.e. taper 1:12) namely suffix K or for series 240 and 241 the taper bore is (1:30) namely suffix K30, for ease of mounting.

The facility of mounting these bearing types using adapter and withdrawal sleeves enables mounting directly onto drawn or fine turned seats of shaft for applications where high running accuracy is not necessary.

For some applications it remains necessary to mount tapered bore bearings directly onto a tapered seat of the shaft.

Depending on their size and series NKE spherical roller bearings are produced in several different design variations.

Bearings of the designs MB and K.MB have a centre flange that guides the two rows of rollers and a machined solid Brass cage.
This design is produced for the larger spherical roller bearings as standard.
Bearing of the design C and CK do not have a centre flange and are fitted with a pressed steel cage as standard.

The majority of spherical roller bearings are produced incorporating simple re-lubrication features as standard. (e.g. a circumferential groove and lubricating holes in the outer ring). These features are identified with the suffix W33.

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NKE spherical roller bearings of the small to medium sizes are normally fitted with pressed steel cages as standard.
Large bearings are generally fitted with machined brass cages as standard.
Several types of spherical roller bearings are produced with either pressed steel cages or solid brass cages, as standard.

Because there is a closed connection between the internal design of Spherical roller bearings and the available cages, we kindly ask you to clarify this prior to order.
For the internal clearance group of spherical roller bearings a distinction must be made between bearings with cylindrical or tapered bores.

Because of the risk of applying accidental preloading to the bearing during mounting, bearings with tapered bores feature larger values of clearance compared to cylindrical bore bearings even in the same clearance group.

NKE spherical roller bearings with cylindrical or tapered bores are produced to each relevant normal clearance group CN (as standard). NKE also produce spherical roller

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