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Stainless Steel Shaft Collars

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Stainless Steel Shaft Collars

Stainless steel shaft collars are not only one of the most indispensable components used in power transmissions but also one of the simplest in terms of design and mechanics. At Simply Bearings we stock an extensive range of shaft collars manufactured from stainless steel and available in a number of different dimensions to enable you to order the most appropriate size for your needs.

These shaft collars, including stainless steel shaft collars with grub screws, are used in the majority of machines and are often needed as an accessory to allow other components to function properly. They can play a range of roles; however, they are generally used to hold sprockets or bearings on shafts, as a way to keep components in place in gearbox and motor assemblies, or to act as a mechanical stop.

Shaft collars are available in different styles to suit the various applications, including those with grub screws and clamp style collars. On our website we have stainless steel shaft collars with grub screws ready for dispatch that can be ordered in a number of size specifications to create the perfect fit for your machinery.

They are manufactured from a high-quality stainless steel, which makes the shaft collar resistant to corrosion and ensures it provides a durable and long-lasting replacement. The size of the screw is an important element in the holding power of the shaft collar; therefore, it is essential that you choose the correct dimensions to gain the maximum benefit.

We want every customer to be satisfied with their purchase from Simply Bearings. If you have any issues with the products you order from us, including our shaft collars, we provide a 100% refund guarantee. This allows you to return your goods within 90 days to gain a full refund as long as they meet the terms of the guarantee.

Wherever you are located, we can provide you with a cost-efficient and effective delivery option. These range from free delivery to UK addresses to great-value next day and same day delivery services, depending on your specific location. We can also provide low cost postage for international deliveries, enabling customers around the world to take advantage of our high-quality goods and service.


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