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Stayer Strimmer Parts

Strimming is essential throughout most of the gardening year. In spring, plentiful rainfall makes everything shoot up, including weeds and rampant undergrowth. Unless these are dealt with, they can spread rapidly and choke out garden plants and shrubs before they have a chance to establish themselves.

In hot, dry spells, strimming is an equally important part of garden work. There is always a fire risk from dry vegetation and it only needs a stray spark from the barbecue for a fire to take hold and threaten not only the garden but also the house. By strimming, you can get rid of as much dry, flammable material as possible. By removing excess vegetation that is not wanted, you increase the amount of water available for the trees and shrubs you want to preserve.

When autumn comes, strimming can get rid of seed heads in weeds, grasses and unwanted shrubs to prevent the seed being scattered over the garden, creating next year's weeds. The strimmer can also expose the stems of some plants, such as brambles, to frosts. This may kill them naturally.

Stayer strimmer parts will help you to do the job, whatever the time of year. The Stayer PP500 grass strimmer spool and line is suitable for the Sayer Cutty 29S strimmer. There are two four-metre Stayer strimmer cutting lines in this kit, both 1.5mm in width, which should deal with pretty tough undergrowth.

If you have the Sayer Cutty 29 model strimmer, you will need the FL229 grass strimmer spool and line. This also has a thickness of 1.5mm but comes with two five-metre Stayer strimmer cutting lines. Stayer strimmer spools are, of course, included in each package.

From blistering heat to monsoon-like rain, our climate is best described as unpredictable. It can be really frustrating to plan a day in the garden, get ideal weather, and then find that the strimmer cord breaks after ten minutes; therefore, it is worth buying a few spare Stayer strimmer parts. You will find that Simply Bearings gives great reductions on bulk purchases.

What is more, our delivery of Stayer strimmer spools and accessories is free in the UK and very fast. If you must get your strimmer part today or have a guaranteed arrival the next day, we can arrange this - just give us a call to set it up. It is all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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