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Steel Male Rod Ends

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Steel Male Rod Ends

These steel male rod end bearings are available in right or left hand threads and in various configurations and thread sizes. They can be used for rotary, oscillating or linear movements, and are widely used in the aircraft and car industries. They are available in a range of material combinations and configurations and alternative linings, including PTFE and nylon, are also stocked.

Plain Male Rod Ends

The KF SA E series has sliding surfaces that make steel-to-steel contact, but because they are unsealed they need occasional maintenance. They don't have a specific lubrication point so lubrication has to be done via the sides of the ball. Made of C 40 5V heat treatable steel, these rod ends are chromatised and zinc coated.

Several brands of steel-to-bronze plain male rod ends are available. They have a galvanised body made of mild steel with a Gcr15 hardened Chrome steel ball (58-64 HRC). This runs in a phosphor bronze raceway. The sliding surfaces are phosphor bronze against steel, and this is an economical replacement bearing.

The SA C series steel male rod ends are most suitable for heavy loads moving in a constant direction, where there is a need for a low friction coefficient. They are unsealed but maintenance free. The sliding surfaces are PTFE sintered bronze against steel. The manufacturing material is heat-treatable, zinc coated, chromatised C45V Steel.

The MS-M05 steel / PTFE lined rod ends are a steel-to-steel range and have a high strength PTFE bronze mesh between the liner material and the ball. Three liner types are available in this range: PTFE FRP, PTFE and PTFE fabric.

These steel male rod end bearings will give extended wear and are suitable for medium to heavy mechanical loads which need low friction and also high shock loads. All are maintenance free.

Other Male Rod Ends

The MP Series of Nylon Lined Maintenance Free Male Rod Ends are self-lubricating and ideal for industrial/mechanical load uses where low friction, moisture resistance and robust wear resistance are important.

We also have an MH series with a polyurethane bearing race that delivers super-smooth operation. The ball has a nitrotec surface to protect it, along with a PTFE lubricant. The original captive body design stops detachment when the axial load is excessive. This male rod end is maintenance free and wear resistant.

Studded steel male rod ends are available in a maintenance free version, or in a bronze lined rod end which requires maintenance.

The MP S series of nylon lined studded male rod end are ideal for light to medium heavyweight mechanical or industrial loads, where the application requires good resistance to wear and low friction. They're also self-lubricating and maintenance free.

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