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Steel Parallel Outer Inserts in Aligning Rings

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Steel Parallel Outer Inserts in Aligning Rings

Misalignment can cause havoc in bearing assemblies, and these Steel Parallel Outer Inserts in Aligning Rings have been designed to deal with the problem. We stock inserts with aligning rings made by INA, a company famous worldwide for the quality of their bearings products.

These ball bearings have radial inserts: an axially split outside ring serves as an aligning ring. They can correct (that is, compensate) for up to plus or minus five degrees of static misalignment of the shaft. Mounted via cylindrical bores, the annular slots in the outer ring of the bearing comply with DIN 616, so they are ideal for constructions using sheet metal. If this is required, the bearing is located axially using DIN 5417 snap rings. A location fit is used to locate the inner ring on the shaft.

These bearings can operate in the temperature range of -20 degrees C to +120 degrees C. Fretting corrosion isn't a problem, as the aligning ring is coated with Corrotect, but note that you can't re-lubricate the bearing. The bearing has P-seals and is available in an inside diameter of from 20mm to 40mm.

The INA PE20 steel parallel outer inserts in aligning rings also have P seals and corrosion protection but feature an eccentric collar.

It can be tricky to decide exactly which bearing insert is the correct one for your application. Every bearing has features that make it particularly suitable for one particular application rather than another. However, it is hard to draw up general rules for which insert or bearing to use, because you have to weigh up speed, load, lubrication, fitting, temperature and other variables. And it's very often the case that the choice is circumscribed by measurements in the rest of the construction.

However, here at Simply Bearings we have an experienced and friendly team on their helpline who can discuss your requirements knowledgeably and make sure that you get the correct bearing. No other online bearings retailer comes close to our level of service, and we are always delighted to speak to our customers.

Should you choose a bearing insert size that turns out to be incorrect, you can make use of our no-quibble returns policy - one of the most generous you'll find online. And if you need the part urgently, we can arrange same-day or next-day delivery to ensure that downtime is reduced and the installation is back up and running as quickly as possible.


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