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Stiga Strimmer Parts

Strimming can help the garden in every season of the year. In high summer, there can sometimes be prolonged dry, hot spells that present a fire risk. Dry vegetation is like tinder, and it only takes a spark from a barbecue, perhaps even next door, for the garden to catch fire. Dry lawns will burn, and if trees catch fire, the house can be threatened. Strimming can greatly reduce the amount of flammable material in the garden which can act as fuel. Not only that, it reduces the amount of water being taken up by weeds and undergrowth and leaves more for the plants you want to keep.

In late summer and autumn, grasses, weeds and rampant shrubs grow their seed heads, ready to be scattered across your garden as soon as there's a bit of wind. Early strimming, before the seed heads are ripe, can save an awful lot of weeding and more strimming in the following spring. And hopefully, some freshly strimmed garden thugs may succumb to an early frost, if their stems are exposed.

Of course, spring is one of the key times for strimming to keep the undergrowth down before it can become rampant. Unchecked, nettles and weeds can simply claim large parts of the garden, choking out those plants you want to nurture.

These Stiga strimmer parts will keep your strimmer going in every season.

Stiga Strimmer Parts - Spools and Lines

Stiga strimmer spools come packaged with Stiga strimmer cutting lines. Stiga strimmer head assemblies are also available.

The Stiga FL229 spool and line pack can be used with the Stiga ST475 strimmer. It has two 5-metre Stiga strimmer cutting lines, which are 1.5mm wide - this thickness is robust enough to deal with rampant garden growth.

However, if you have very thick undergrowth and shrubs, you may be using the Stiga HL001 strimmer. This model uses two 3-metre Stiga strimmer cutting lines. The line is 2mm wide and can therefore cope with demanding clearance jobs. The line will also fit most Stiga petrol trimmers which have a curved shaft.

Stiga Strimmer Head Assemblies and Stiga Strimmer Spools

Like many Stiga strimmer spools, the HL007 can be used with most right-hand thread (curved shaft) Stiga petrol strimmers. The kit contains a housing, a spool and line, a retaining bolt for the spool, and a spring. The kit comes with a 5/16UNC x ?? bolt (right-hand thread). This is comparable to 1911-9009-01.

The Stiga HL008 is for the petrol strimmers with a curved left-hand thread shaft. Stiga strimmer head assemblies have similar kits, except that with the HL008 the bolt has a left-hand thread.

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