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With a hard-earned reputation for being the UK's market leader in the supply of all things relating to bearings, Simply Bearings stocks a huge variety of new and replacement bearings and related components and tools. Our truly comprehensive range includes an array of high-tech bearing fitting stroboscopes, primarily manufactured by SKF, one of the most well-known and reputable bearings and bearing accessory manufacturers in the world, renowned for exacting quality and accuracy in their production.

Stroboscopes work by emitting a flashing light which can be set to flash at a given number of intervals a minute. These instruments can be set to flash at a huge number of different intervals, and by pointing the stroboscope at a cyclically moving, oscillating or rotating part and adjusting the flash interval until the moving object appears stationary, the rotation frequency can easily be deduced. This also means that the object can be visually inspected as if it were switched off.

The ability to make reciprocating or rotating machinery parts appear frozen has a wide range of applications. Anything from gear wheels, couplings and fan blades to belt drives, lathes and machine tool spindles can be inspected easily without preventing the machinery from operating. This is particularly vital in a factory production line environment, where deactivating just one process for an operational inspection would effectively shut down production across the entire line.

A stroboscope is thus an essential tool for operational maintenance technicians across every branch of industry, including automotive and vehicle plant repairs, transmission and gearbox tuning, electric motor repair and manufacture, among many other areas.

Our range of SKF bearing fitting stroboscopes is specially engineered to be compact, intuitive and portable, providing outstanding ease of use even for long periods of time thanks to the tripod mounting thread feature. The special Phase Shift Mode present on many of the stroboscopes in our range of stock allows the technician to rotate and align the object being inspected until the correct position for strobe viewing is found - a necessity when inspecting fan blades, gear wheels and so on.

The range offers a choice of flashes per minute, allowing you to choose a stroboscope perfect for the job in hand without paying extra for unnecessary features that won't be used. The lower-end models in our stock offer from 40 up to 12,500 flashes per minute, while our higher-end stroboscopes can provide up to 300,000 flashes per minute and are thus best suited to high-speed applications. These also offer an increased minimum of 30 flashes per minute, expanding the total range of applications for which the stroboscope can be used.


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