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Tapered Locking Bushes

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Tapered Locking Bushes

Tapered locking bushes are an essential component for mounting mechanical drive elements in a number of different settings, including V-belt drives, roller chain drives and synchronous drives. At Simply Bearings we have an easy way for you to find the exact type of metric or imperial tapered locking bushes that you need for your specific application and then you can order it directly from our site.

Metric tapered lockings bushes are available from Simply Bearings in a choice of width measurements, inside diameters and bore sizes, to ensure that you have a precise replacement for the particular part that you're using. You can quickly select the sizes and options using the search function, which will narrow down the criteria and show you the items that match your needs.

These tapered locking bushes are simple parts that have been manufactured to make it easy to position sprockets, pulleys and other types of power transmission hubs and then ensure that they are securely fastened to the shaft. They are also easy to remove, which means that adjustments can be made to the positioning, and maintenance can be conducted on the equipment when necessary.

Metric and imperial tapered locking bushes are commonly used in a number of industrial settings, including in the manufacture of aggregates and cement; chemical, gas and oil facilities; mining; water and wastewater facilities; food and beverage manufacture; and the production of pharmaceuticals.

When you're selecting the appropriate imperial or metric tapered locking bushes for your requirements, it's important that you identify the correct size first. This can be done by checking the part number, as this will indicate the right model, or you can simply find the measurements of the inside and outside diameters. If your existing tapered locking bush is too damaged or missing, you will need to find out the diameter of the actual shaft to determine the size that you need.

At Simply Bearings we can help with all your requirements when looking for tapered locking bushes and our extensive stock includes versions in different sizes to enable you to order the precise product that will fit onto the shaft of your particular machine. We provide high quality parts that will allow you to carry out an effective and long-lasting repair and reduce the amount of downtime that the machine experiences.


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