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Tension Sprockets

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Tension Sprockets

Tension sprockets are a vital power transmission component and are widely used in many machines and vehicles, including cars.

Roller chains tend to elongate as a result of wear and tear. In spite of this elongation as the chain ages, the chain can still continue to transmit the appropriate torque as long as it is retensioned every so often. Without the tension adjustment, the chain becomes steadily longer on the slack side and the result is an incorrect wrap angle on the sprockets.

Tension Adjusters and Sprockets

The next thing that happens is that the chain starts to run unevenly off the teeth of the sprockets. This makes the entire drive run and wear unevenly. The life of a chain drive can be considerably lengthened by using tension adjusters, consisting of an arm and one or more tension sprockets. This stops the slack aspect of the chain from 'slapping' or sagging. The tensioner's automatic operation and the wide range of tensioner and sprocket sizes available can compensate for the elongation.

Together, the tensioner and sprocket can also damp vibration in the chain, reducing noise at the same time. The tension sprocket is usually made of steel and is a circular part with cuts shaped like teeth round the outside. It's not intended to be driven or to drive a chain. Instead, it keeps the chain steady and guides its movement.

Many tension sprockets have an adjustable bearing that allows the idler sprocket to be installed on to the chain quickly and simply using a single screw. They are available for a wide range of imperial and metric chain pitches, with varying numbers of teeth.

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