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Topcraft Strimmer Parts

Strimming is a great way to get rid of weeds, undergrowth and other unwanted plants before you get busy with other activities to reclaim an overgrown patch of ground. These Topcraft strimmer parts will fit the most popular Topcraft models. Topcraft strimmer cutting lines come in extra-long sizes - up to 9 metres - and we have these in stock.

There are a few safety precautions to take before strimming. Obviously, don't wear sandals or open-toed shoes - try to find an old pair of boots you can use. Take a look at the ground before you start strimming and get rid of any visible hazards. These can include stones, glass, bits of wood or other rubbish. When you are strimming, these can fly up and hit you, as can bits of stalk and bush.

Why not visit our safety gear department, where you'll find lots of kit to protect you and make the job easier? Gauntlets or safety gloves are a good idea, as they will help you keep a better grip on the strimmer. And safety glasses will keep your eyes protected from any stalks or stones that are thrown up. In fact, if you are clearing ground where flying debris is a particular hazard, it may be a good idea to get a face visor.

We have a great selection of Topcraft strimmer parts, including Topcraft strimmer cutting lines and Topcraft strimmer spools. Spools and lines are sold in kits together. Our Topcraft strimmer cutting lines and spools include:

Topcraft RY400 Spool & Line, 1.5mm thickness, 2x9m lengths. These are for use with the following models: TCR500, TCR450.

Topcraft FL289 Spool & Line, 1.5mm, thickness, 2x5m lengths. These are for use with the following model: TGT-500/2012NL.

Topcraft FL229 Spool & Line, 1.5mm thickness, 2x5m lengths. These are for use with the following models: RT4803DV, RT4804DV.

Topcraft strimmer spools are easy to change, and you'll soon be ready to start work again. But if you have ordered the wrong part or find you don't need the part you have bought, take advantage of our no-quibble 90-day guarantee. When you return the part, you have the option of a credit to your account or a refund. This means that you can buy with confidence from Simply Bearings - it's all part of our renowned service. And take a look to at our great discounts on bulk buys - it may be worth getting a few strimmer spares kits in and storing them.


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