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Turfxtreme Bearings

These Turfxtreme bearings are designed for use with lawn, garden and agricultural machinery, such as mowers and balers. Made of hardened bearing steel, they are contact-sealed to prevent contamination throughout the life of the bearing. Vibration is reduced and the bearing's life is extended by the precision ground raceways, which are superfinished. They are made by Peer, and designed for long life and robust operation.

The grease is a thickened premium polyurea, ideal for both high and low temperatures. Because the grease fill is increased, there is greater corrosion protection when the machine is not in use.

The "moderate rubber sealed deep groove ball bearing is ideal for use in environments where there is a lot of dust in the air, or light moisture.

The "high ball bearing has a seal made of a premium nitrile material, which has high resistance to temperature extremes and to wear, so it lasts longer. The seal design has been optimised to help it survive repeated external force, such as pressure washing, or debris wrapping. The lip lasts longer because of its smooth contact surface, which is precision ground. The effectiveness of the seal is also boosted by the seal's ring concentricity, which has been improved.

The Peer 62052RSFP TURFXTREME bearings are categorised as "High, and can resist light to moderate wetting and heavy dust in the air. They can be used for applications where there is high contamination.

The "Xtreme model has all the features and benefits of the other TurfXtreme bearings, but it also has some major benefits for highly contaminated applications. Firstly, there's greater seal lip contact, which keeps contaminants out in extreme environments. Secondly, the seal is protected from large, solid objects such as pebbles, dirt and stones, by a heavy duty steel shroud.

The Peer 62502 has an RLYD TURFXTREME seal, and is typically used with lower horsepower motors. It can deal with heavy dust and light moisture.

Clearance - standard and C4 bearings

The TURFXTREME bearing units above have "standard clearance. This is the distance that you can move one bearing ring, relative to another, either axially or radially. The clearance differs, once the bearing is in use and has reached its normal operational temperature.

We also stock some TURFXTREME bearing units that have "C4 clearance. C4 bearings have the same bore, width and diameter as the other bearings, and are made to the same quality standards, but they are used differently. They can expand in high temperatures or at high speeds, because they have extra internal radial clearance. They're ideal for use with high speed motors, for example, or in very hot environments.

Remember to only replace like for like - if the bearing you're replacing says "C4, you should replace it with a C4.


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