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High Quality V Belts in all sections in Major brands

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V Belts

Simply Bearings is one of the UK's most renowned retailers of bearings, drive belts, bearing housings, V belts and other engineering parts. We aim to take the stress out of purchasing engineering parts. Our customers don't need to search through the endless aisles of our large modern warehouse: they can browse through our comprehensive online catalogue instead and order the parts that they need quickly and effortlessly.

We offer free delivery to customers in the UK for both large and small orders. We offer our overseas customers extremely competitive delivery rates, with the option of using your own trusted carrier service if you prefer to do so.

Here at Simply Bearings we stock a comprehensive range of V belts, or wedge belts, for mechanical drives. We carry Optibelt classic belts as well as the Continental, Continental Powerspan and Major Brand ranges in all diameters and sections.

V belts are now the basic standard belt for power transmission. They are usually endless belts, although they can also be jointed and linked. They are manufactured from rubber or polymer, sometimes with fibres added for extra strength. They are trapezoidal in cross section, which is why they are given the name V (or sometimes "wedge") belts. The V shape of the belt fits into a groove on the pulley so it cannot slip. The greater the load, the more firmly the V shape wedges into the groove, improving security and also improving torque transmission. This means they need less width and tension than flat belts, and so they save on space and on energy.

V belts provide the best balance between speed of movement, traction, the load of the bearings and length of service life. The wedge shape of the belt means that they can be aligned quite easily. They are found in applications across industries, including in the automotive industry, marine industry, mining, construction and aeronautics. Many industries use drives with more than one belt running side by side.

Once you have chosen the exact belt that you require, you can order your parts and pay via the secure online checkout. You can use a range of payment methods: PayPal, credit and debit cards or bank transfers. If you are unsure as to which product you need, you can contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff by telephone or email - they will be delighted to help you.


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