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O-Ring Kits

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Viton O Rings

Simply Bearings is a market-leading supplier of replacement Viton O rings for a huge variety of industrial equipment. Our modern warehouse is stocked with a wide selection of differently sized and rated O rings - a selection that is so large that we are confident that we can provide you with the precise O ring to meet any of your requirements.

O rings are perhaps the most widely used and certainly the simplest form of seal, which is unsurprising given that they are largely inexpensive, reliable and easy to mount. They are found everywhere from pumps, engines and gearboxes to SCUBA diving gear and NASA's space shuttles. O rings can be used as shaft seals, enabling both linear and rotary movement in dynamic applications - for example, rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinder pistons - but it can also be used in static applications as face-to-face seals.

O rings demonstrate a very high degree of chemical resistance. They can safely seal tens of thousands of PSI. Operating temperatures extend from -30c to +120c, but specific O rings have different ratings.

Viton, a form of synthetic rubber, is particularly resistant to hydrocarbons, making it an excellent rubber to use for oil seals. Viton oil seals, Viton tubing and hoses lined with Viton are commonly found in vehicles and fuel transportation applications. Some Viton oil seals are compatible even with biodiesel, which is a particularly unstable, oxidising and acidic fuel. Viton is, however, generally incompatible with ketone-based chemicals, including acetone, and certain organic acids, such as acetic acid.

Viton O rings can be used as an alternative to the Buna-N seals present in the automobile engine variable timing units in BMW's vehicles. Viton provides similar functional properties to Buna-N, but with the additional benefit of greater chemical and temperature resistances.

For more information on the specific chemical resistance ratings of any of the Viton O rings that we stock, simply click on the link for the relevant product entitled "Chemical Resistance Table. You will be presented with a long and searchable list of chemicals and information about how they interact with that specific O ring. Use of the O ring with each chemical is rated from 1 for Excellent to * for Totally Unsuitable to ensure that you find the correct product to get the job done safely.


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