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Valves and Caps

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Bicycle Valves & Caps

Bike dust caps are probably not the most exciting items in your bike maintenance kit; however, they do a vital job and it is a good idea to keep some spares around. Valve caps keep dirt and dust out of the valves and can prevent more serious problems developing; in addition, pumping up tyres can be a much harder job if the valve is caked with dust or dried mud, preventing all the air getting through.

A dirty valve will lose air more quickly, so keep the valve in good condition with valve caps. The caps we stock come in a handy hang-up bag and you get an excellent price reduction if you buy ten or more; therefore, it may be worth stocking up at the start of the season. If you are an all-weather cyclist, all the more reason to make sure you keep rain and mud away from the valves.

Plastic Presta bike dust caps help to protect those delicate Presta valves, especially the fragile top part. We supply packs of two in a hang-up bag. Schrader bicycle valves particularly need caps to keep dust and mud out of the sunken part of the valve; in addition, road salt and chemical de-icing products used by motorists in winter can wreak havoc on the valve, as it is made of metal and can corrode.

Valve caps notwithstanding, you sometimes need to replace bicycle valves. The handy Woods valve replacement kit has everything you need to do this job yourself if you have Woods valves on your bike. The kit includes two metal valves.

You can remove, re-thread and repair a damaged Schrader valve, but you will need the specialised tool to do it. We also stock these, again in a handy hang-up bag.

If you are touring or use your bike for commuting to work, you may need your repair kit very quickly. We have a range of great delivery options here at Simply Bearings and a fantastic reputation for delivery reliability. If you have any queries, our helpful team will be happy to give you advice on which product to buy.


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