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Variolux Strimmer Parts

Variolux is a brand name of Hamburg-based company Obi. Obi DIY stores are common throughout Germany, where they are the equivalent of B&Q and focus on supplying tools direct to the public. The Obi name is allegedly a German rendering of the French pronunciation of ?hobby?.

The Variolux brand is found on strimmers, mowers, routers, angle grinders, chainsaws and shredders. In general they are a well-built but budget-priced brand.

Variolux Strimmer Spools

Lines and spools are strimmer consumables. Because strimmer cutting line wears down in use, Variolux cutting lines and Variolux strimmer spools are designed to be replaced easily. You can re-thread new line onto old spools if you wish to (and we can supply suitable line to do this), but the job can be fiddly - especially on models that use multiple cutting lines. Most owners opt for pre-loaded replacement spools that are quick and easy to drop in.

Variolux cutting lines come in a variety of lengths and weights. It is important to replace like for like in order to keep the strimmer operating as efficiently as possible.

Variolux strimmer spools, and other Variolux strimmer parts, are sourced from component suppliers who also supply other brands. Although this means some can also be inserted into models badged Diana, Ikra or Sabo, there is nevertheless broad variation in design within the Variolux range. It is therefore important to correctly identify your model or part number before ordering a replacement.

Our product descriptions list compatible strimmer models for each size and type of spool, but if you are still in doubt about any Variolux strimmer parts, just call our customer service line for help.

Other Variolux Strimmer Parts

We can also supply a full range of other Variolux strimmer parts, including trigger switches, power cables, retaining nuts and bolts, springs, spool caps and complete replacement head assemblies. Simply Bearings are happy to try and locate any part for you whether or not you can see it currently listed in the catalogue.

Getting the Best from Your Variolux Strimmer

The majority of strimmers perform well so long as they are treated properly. Strimmers are threshers rather than cutting implements, so avoid collisions of the line with hard surfaces. Lost lines and spool damage are often caused by impacts with concrete paths, edging tiles and hard-stemmed or fibrous plants. Move into dense banks of grass or weeds gradually from the outer edges, retreating if you sense a slowing or straining of the motor.

You should check and clean the underside of the implement before and after every use, but always remember to isolate a strimmer from its power source before raising it from the ground. Goggles, leggings and gloves are always sensible attire for strimming.


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