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Walmart Strimmer Parts

The strimmer is a trusted garden standby, capable of handling small-scale border and edging jobs but also able to tackle more stubborn vegetation such as nettles, brambles and invasive shrubs. While 1.3 mm cutting lines are more suitable for edging and trimming, Walmart cutting lines include a 1.5mm version which will be suitable for tougher jobs.

Sensible Precautions

It is worth considering safety before you start strimming, especially if you haven't done any strimming before. These Walmart strimmer parts are suitable for some cordless models. These can be safer than corded models, where there is always the danger of cutting through the cable unless you have adopted a safe working method.

However, take care to wear appropriate clothing. Open shoes such as flip-flops and sandals are not suitable when you're strimming. And it's always wise to wear some eye protection, such as clear safety glasses. Where the strimming job involves brittle shrubs or other plants that tend to send debris such as stalks flying, some users opt for a full-face visor. You also need a secure grip on the strimmer, so some heavy-duty gloves with extra grip are a good idea. We have a safety section on the Simply Bearings site, so it's easy to add these when you buy your Walmart cutting lines and spools.


If you're strimming an area that's overgrown, take a look at it before you switch on the strimmer. Check for pieces of metal or glass - these can turn into shrapnel if the strimmer slices them and they fly upwards. Similarly, to protect your strimmer, you may want to remove stones and other debris.

Walmart Strimmer Spools and Cutting Lines The FL224 Grass Strimmer Spool & Line is 1.5mm thick and 10 metres long. It's suitable for the following Walmart models: Electra Lite 9, WE EL-13TNE Twist n Edge cordless, WE EL-15TNE Twist n Edge cordless. It compares to: 952711920. Check the product page for more Walmart strimmer parts and Walmart strimmer spools.

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