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YAT Chainsaw Parts

When you are ordering new YAT chainsaw parts, you can quickly check that you've ordered the right size by taking a look at the listings on the YAT chainsaw spares page. Here are some tips to help you get the right chain.

Bar, Drive Link and Pitch Size on YAT Chainsaw Chains

Most chainsaw chains have a ⅜ inch pitch (pitch is the space between each drive link). This is the case with YAT chainsaw parts. The number of links in the chain will dictate the total length of the chain. Sometimes chains for a particular bar size can have a different number of drive links. To take an example, you may find a chain for a 45cm bar with 60 links, and another with 61.

It's important to ensure you are using a chain with the correct number of drive links. If this is wrong, the chain length may appear correct but the chain may not drive properly, and this can lead to accidents.

It's easy to check the details on the YAT page and make sure you've got the right specification. And with Simply Bearings you can buy confidently on account of our no-quibble 90-day refund policy. Simply send back the item, and we'll either send a replacement or refund your money. It's that simple - and it's all part of the Simply Bearings service.

YAT chainsaw spares include the YAT CH033 Chainsaw Chain. This will fit a chain with a 20cm Bar (20 cm is equivalent to 8 inches). It can be used with the YT4348 model and is comparable to the 91PJ033X YAT chainsaw spares. It has 33 drive links.

This chain will suit a range of domestic-use chainsaws. Replacing the chain regularly can help to prolong the life of your chain saw. Not only that, with replacement YAT chainsaw chains you get a sharp and accurate chain with new cutting teeth that will help you trim, lop and cut much more quickly and accurately. So if you have a lot of work to do, it may be a good idea to buy several spares - there are great offers on multiple purchases.

Replacement YAT chainsaw chains are of excellent quality, but you still need some protective clothing when using a chainsaw. And in the long term, the noise of the chainsaw can take a toll on your hearing. So why not take a look at our safety kit pages? We have several items specifically for chainsaw users.


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