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Zinc Plated Steel Jubilee and JCS Brand O Clips

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Zinc Plated Steel Jubilee O Clips

Jubilee is justly famous for the quality of its products. It makes the famous O clips in two types: stainless steel and zinc plated steel. These are useful in a number of different applications - particularly when it comes to securing hoses - and we stock a good selection of sizes.

Zinc plated steel Jubilee O clips are an ideal choice when you need to protect the clip against corrosion, such as when it is being used outside or in circumstances in which it may occasionally get wet. The clips come in packs of two, with each clip having two distinctive ears for use with crimping pincers. These fit exactly round the ears and help to get a tight crimp around a hose. You will find the clips called various other names, such as lemon clips, double-ear clips and two-ear clips

When it comes to using clips for air lines and hoses that are transporting steam, fluid or gas, the smaller sizes are extremely useful, particularly because you do not need to use screws. The smallest size is 3mm to 5mm, going up to 43mm to 46 mm.

The steel crimping pincers, also made by Jubilee, are side closing. You will find if you check the technical details that are part of the product listing that the pounds per square inch (PSI) open brackets is given for each clip (the maximum pressure the clip can take). The smallest zinc plated steel Jubilee O clips can take higher pressure than the larger ones.

If you discover that you have ordered the wrong size of clip or that the clips are not suitable for the job you had in mind, don't worry. We have a 90-day no-quibble guarantee - as long as you haven't used them, you can return the clips within the 90-day period for a refund or a credit.

New O rings come in packs of just two; therefore, it may be useful to order several packs and take advantage of our multiple order discount, which is very generous. If this is an urgent requirement, we can arrange same-day or next-day delivery, although our standard UK delivery is very fast and absolutely free.

We also deliver abroad, and it couldn't be simpler to find out the cost of a delivery to an overseas address. Just place the items in the shopping cart and enter the address when you are checking out. The delivery cost will be calculated and displayed.


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