Henry Timken made carriages in the USA. In 1898 he noticed that loaded freight wagons had difficulty making sharp turns, so he designed a taper roller bearing that could handle both radial (weight) and thrust (cornering force) loads.

The newly designed bearings made wagon performance much better and fewer horses were required to pull them. Also, better cornering meant the chances of losing a loads were dramatically reduced. Realising the potential of his new innovation he and his sons, H.H. and William Timken, started The Timken Roller Bearing and Axle Company and began to build the business into what we see today.

Timken is a massive name in the bearing industry and almost a household name.

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer these products and have access to Timken’s huge stocks kept all over the world.

All Timken’s goods are procured through Authorised Distributor channels and you can request certification if needed (charges may apply ask prior to ordering).

Certificates of conformity can be issued FREE of charge on request.

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